School Events

(2015-16) The 12th PTA AGM

The 12th Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting was held at the school hall on 6th November, 2015. All principals, teachers and over 70 parents of all forms (S1 - S3) of students joined the meeting. The event began with the Principal's speech, followed by a report on President's duty and PTA's financial situation, a talk about school health programme and the election of new parent committees for the coming year's PTA.

Our Principal, Mr. Wong Chung Ki, started the meeting by emphasizing the importance of cooperation between parents and school.

CGC - Visit to The University of Hong Kong

As part of students' Other Learning Experiences (OLE), the Careers Guidance Committee organized a visit to the University of Hong Kong on 7th November,2015. We believe that by giving students a better understanding of the bachelor degree courses and life planning, we might properly equip them for the future.Our visit included the following activities: collection of information from booths in main campus, visit Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, a tour of the Clinical Skills Demonstrations and a tour around the hostel.

Students had an eventful day and they enjoyed the visit.

Halloween Fun Day

On 2nd November the school celebrated its very first Halloween Day. The school hall was transformed into a ghoulish place; all English ambassadors and two guest native English teachers colourfully and creatively transformed into witches, ghosts, and cartoon characters. A lot of effort was put in by all.

Our girls are ready to celebrate the Halloween Fun Day by wearing the scary costumes

2015 Roller Skating Carnival

2015 Roller Skating Carnival was held at the Maple Street Playground in Sham Shui Po on 18 October, 2015. Our school choir was invited to be the guest performers in this occasion. Forty choir members sang an Anglican hymn "All things bright and beautiful" which was composed by a famous British choral music composer, John Rutter.

The choir members are singing beautifully on the stage.

ECA Interest Classes

First of the twelve Extra-curricular Activities Sessions was successfully launched on 9 October, 2015. Over 230 students participated in various interest classes after school from 4:00-5:00p.m. This year the school provides more than 10 interest classes for all students and they can choose their favorite classes such as the magic class, astronomy class etc. Students all enjoyed the leisure activities very much.

The student is doing a demonstration in the Rope Skipping Class.

'Stand By Me' Tea Time Gathering

A tea time gathering between teachers and S.1 students organized by the Discipline & Counseling Committee was held on 30th September, 2015 (Wednesday). Both the teachers and the students had a great chance chatting with each other in a relaxing atmosphere.

1P students are having an enjoyable time with their class teacher, Ms. Wong.

Tin Shui Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival

The school Wind Orchestra was invited to perform in the "Tin Shui Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival" on 26th September, 2015. The Brass Ensemble performed a Japanese piece and it was well-received by the audience.

A japanese brass ensemble piece is being performed in the occasion.

ECA Recruitment Day

The Extracurricular Activities (ECA) Recruitment Day was successfully held on 25th September. Students were encouraged to apply for their favourite Academic and Non-academic Clubs, School Teams or Interest Classes in the school hall during the lunch recess on that day. Booths of different clubs and school teams were set up and the Teacher-in-charge and student leaders provided extra information to all interested students. Students were delighted that they were able to enroll in their favourite clubs and school teams.

The Teachers-in-charge was explaining the details of the activities to the student.

F.1 Sun Fun Day (1C, 1D & 1E)

Students from 1C, 1D, and 1E enjoyed a memorable session with classmates and teachers in the Sun Fun Day activities which held on 10th September 2015. The activities aimed at building supportive relationships among classmates and teachers. We have achieved a great success with teachers' and students' participation.

Students are participating in the activities enthusiastically.