Creativity & Gifted Education

Believing many students are talented in some areas, we seek to realize their potential and creativity. To install quality education, our school promotes effective learning practices in the classroom through the introduction of the Enrichment Course. Besides spotting high-end students by observing their performance, we will also help to identify and assess the hidden talents of the students. We will offer them pull-out programs inside school, hire coaches or tutors, and subsidize them to take courses run by tertiary institutions. Apart from academic training like Debating, Mathematics enhancement programs and Science enhancement programs, we also provide support to students with talents and skills in music, performing arts, sports and other areas.

Arrangement of the Gifted Education (School Teams)

a) Our school provides various school teams for our students.

b) The updated information of the school teams will be uploaded to the school homepage by the end of August every year.

c) Students can join the school teams of their own choice in mid-September every year. The selection of school teams will also be carried out at the same time.

The following chart shows the details of the Gifted Education (School Teams).

Arrangement of the Creativity Development Program

Creativity and imagination development is essential in school education. We want our students to be well-equipped for the ever-changing world and to always maintain a unique mind in the face of copious challenges ahead.


- Promote the value of creative activities and good quality leisure opportunities

- Increase students’ self esteem, confidence and creativity

- Equip students in employing the six steps in the creative process

- Equip students to use creativity to generate ideas and do problem-solving

Flow of Recruitment: