Other Learning Experiences

The aims of Other Learning Experiences include:

a) To nurture students’ gifts and talents.
b) To broaden students' horizons in non-academic areas for the development of a balanced life.
c) To develop generic skills for life-long learning.
d) To nurture positive values and attitudes.
e) To enhance teamwork and the readiness to serve the others.
f) To encourage active participation of students in extra-curricular activities.

Arrangement of the Extra-Curricular Activities Lessons (ECA)

a) The updated information of the extra-curricular activities will be uploaded to the school homepage by the end of August every year.
b) Students can select the extra-curricular activities in mid-September.
c) Students can select different activities for the whole academic year.
d) Some activities may require students to pay for the course materials.
e) The following chart shows the details of the extra-curricular activities.